I use fine arts photography as a catharsis, as a way to express myself and the experiences I have been through. My work explores how society affects to humans behavior and the other way around. Exhibitions at CCB, Jaén Council Office and others. Best young photographer Jaén city 2000, selected in Arte Joven Latina, Discoveries Photoespaña 2105.


Commercial photography motivates me to explore new ways of lighting, looks and final touch. I enjoy the entire process.
Some of the clients I have worked for include Clean & Clear, Phillips, L’Oreal, Toshiba, Orange, Junta de Andalucia, ACPP, delaViuda, Caparros. Agencies: Anguis Creativos, 700 gramos, Calero Publicidad, Sra Rushmore, DDB, Cdoble, McGuffin, BBH Asia. Magazines: Noblesse Korea, Vice or Yorokobu.